Workboat Hire was first created in 2016 as a concept and has proven it’s ‘no broker’ model enormously successful. In January methandienone side effects 2021 Workboat Hire was acquired by Atlantic 21 Ltd, a New Zealand based maritime services group. Atlantic 21 are very excited to bring Workboat Hire to its next level of creative development and advanced functionality.

We are currently the world’s largest publicly searchable database of workboats with over 3,500 vessels from all over the world which can be located geographically by the search function.

The aim of Workboat Hire is to revolutionise how vessel owners connect with charterers. We are a unique concept and connect charterers directly with vessel operators, thereby removing the requirement for expensive ‘middleman’ brokers.

Our business model is beautifully simple and hugely cost effective. With the internet being the first point of call for people searching for workboats, we offer a simple online listing service. Vessel suppliers pay a single annual listing fee and that’s it! Our service puts relevant vessels on the radar of charterers quickly and easily.

Due to our years of operation, we have extremely accurate datasets particularly with regards to end charterers and what their likely specific needs are.

If you are interested in learning more about the efficiencies of our model and how we can assist your operation, you can contact us with any questions, via the contact us link.

We welcome you to the future of charter vessel sourcing.