• Length 118m x breadth 21m
  • Deck area 170m²
  • Accommodation for 73 persons
  • 2 x 30t offshore cranes
  • 200t A-frame
  • 3 x rotating carousels for flexible pipe
  • Top tension capacity of 150t
  • 2 x work-class ROVs

Pipelay Systems

  • The vessel has an extensive pipelay system fitted as standard. The pipelay stystem comprises of the following main components:Carousels (for flexible pipe): 1 x (14.78m inner diameter)
  • Carousel (for umbilical): 1 (11.90m inner diameter)
  • Pipe Tensioners (linear): 2 x 75t & 1 x 55t
  • Umbilical Tensioners (linear): 2 x 15t capacity

Abandonment & Recovery

  • Winches:1 x 200t,1 x 140t,1 x 60t,1 x 30t
  • General Purpose Winches: 5 x 10t
  • General Purpose Capstans: 2 x 10t
  • Pedestal Crane: 30t
  • Knuckle Boom Crane: 6t

Separate hydraulic power packs are installed for the flexible pipe tensioners, umbilical tensioners and the A&R winches. A common system is installed for the general purpose winches,capstans, retractable deck and retractable rollers.