The Seven Seas is a construction / flex-lay vessel capable of operating in water depths up to 3,000m.

Primary Information

  • Length 153.24m x breadth 28.4m
  • Heave compensated 400t / 350t crane
  • 1 x 1,390t aft and 1 x 1510t fwd carousels below deck /3,000t carousel / multiple reels on deck
  • SLOR/COR deployment capability
  • 7.5m x 8.5m moonpool
  • J-lay capability, top tension capacity of 400t (J-lay mode) and 430t (flex-lay mode)
  •  Accommodation for 120 persons
  • 2 x work-class ROVs

Pipelay Systems

The vessel is fitted with a pipelay tower designed for flex-lay, J-Lay and moonpool deployment operations. The tower consists of two aligner chutes (one port, one starboard), a retractable electric driven upper 170t flex tensioner, a retractable electric driven main tensioner (260t flex rated, 400t rigid rated) and an enclosed welding station for J-Lay operations, which are optional.Two hold carousels with storage capacities 1390t aft and 1510t Fwd are provided. A 450t and a 125t A+R winch are provided.The moonpool hatches have a capacity of 750t SWL.