Vessel Specification

Crew-utility boats are made of aluminium alloys, they have a soared hull and a cruising speed of about 15-18 knots when full loaded. Utility vessels are characterized by a displaced hull made of steel, where cargo capacity and equipment’s’ multi functional characteristics are privileged. The vessels with larger dimensions are called Multi Purpose Supply Vessel (MPSV). This type of unit, thanks to her higher capacities and installed power, further increase its poly valence, being equipped for anti-pollution, rec-oil, even of petroleum products with a flash point below 60°C, towing, anchor handling services and fitted with DP2 and Fire Fighting 1 systems.

  • Dimension: 47.00×12.80
  • Deck Space (m): 16.20×10.50m
  • Speed (knots): 12.5
  • Passengers: 25
  • Goods (t): 225