Vessel Specification

The Khaleej Bay was commissioned in the first quarter of 2004 and is the first cutter suction dredger ever built in the United Arab Emirates.Based on local experience, and latest technological developments this dredger was specially designed by established designers in the Netherlands and is being constructed to operate in the harsh conditions of the Middle East.This versatile dredger has been designed to operate in coastal as well as shallow waters and is equipped with a 1250 HP cutter drive to handle the cutting of medium rock / sand stone. The relatively short hull, combined with high precision control equipment makes this dredger very suitable for narrow channel dredging and for controlled dredging activities. Auxiliary plant and numerous wear parts (dredge pump, suction and discharge pipeline etc.) are identical to the “Deira Bay” and “Garhoud Bay”. Therefore additional operational flexibility is available in selecting the most appropriate tools to suit your specific project requirements.

Vessel Specification


  • Length o.a.: 60.80 m
  • Length hull: 49.80 m
  • Width: 14.00 m
  • Depth moulded: 3.75 m
  • Draught: 2.20 m
  • DREDGING DEPTH: 16/18 m


  • Inboard dredge pump: 1,910/2,600 Kw/hp
  • Submerged pump: 480~600/650 Kw/hp
  • Cutter: 920/1,250 Kw/hp
  • Total installed: 4,540/6,170 Kw/hp

Pipe Diameter

  • Suction: 650 mm
  • Discharge: 650 mm
  • BOOSTER PUMP: 1,680/2,250 Kw/hp