General Particular

  • Built – 2002
  • Length -13m
  • Beam – 5m
  • Draught – 1.4m
  • YDSA Certified Category 2

Services completed by MV Halcyon Days for various clients over past 10 years.Dive support work , Salvage, Ships inspection, Civil engineering support.

Projects , Grab Sampling , Trawl Sampling , Water Sampling , Bird Surveys , Crew Transfer , Other various survey work. Media Work , Filming in river , safety support , Stand by Vessel.Buoy Maintenance and inspection River Mersey.Deployment of Tidal monitors, water sampling equipment.

MV Halcyon days is a multitask vessel with an experienced crew who have vast local knowledge of River Mersey and associated dock and canal systems. They have successfully completed all the above projects. The vessel has adapted many times to the various requests from clients to achieve their objectives and is open to any requests for future work.