Principal Dimensions

  • Length: 17.5m
  • Breath: 6m
  • Draft: 2.3m


  • Main Engine: Cummins 660 HP
  • Propulsion: Voith Schneider Propulsion
  • Speed: 9 Knots (Max Free Running)
  • Bollard Pull: 6 Tons


  • Generator: Lister – Air cooled 24v Supply
  • Inverter: 2.2kv Sine Wave

Additional Info

Agile is equipped with removable ploughing winch and “A” frame for performing ploughing / sub surface jetting.

Agile normally operates when plough dredging with a 6m3 Plough.

When operated in plough dredging configuration Agile offers truly unrivalled manoeuvrability and production when compared to multicats and conventional screw vessels for dredging in confined and difficult spaces during any stage of flow of tide