HURST is a 150m3 dumb Split Hopper Barge, certificated under the MCA with a loadline exemption for operation within the UK coastal waters. She is of a proven robust design. HURST can be towed to sea by tug or work boat, and with the benefit of being remote controlled, the dumping operation can be managed by the crew on the tug. She is ideal for dredging operations in restricted locations.

  • Length: 32.0 m
  • Beam: 6.50 m
  • Draft (Loaded): 2.10 m
  • Draft (light): 0.50m
  • Hopper Capacity: 150 m3
  • Gross Tonnage: 124 tonnes
  • Remote Operating Cattron Telemotive remote control system
  • Aux Engine Lister ST2