JML35 is a swim-ended, rectangular, flat top deck cargo barge. It has two spud legs for precise position holding, a shallow draft, suitable for working in close to shore and a large deck load capacity, for bulk cargoes such as rock or heavy plant. Lashing rails and a wave screen are also fitted for the security of cargos at sea.

Vessel Specification 

  • Length 34.8 m
  • Beam (Hull) 10.0 m
  • Depth 2.5 m
  • Draft (Light) 0.59 m
  • Draft (Loaded) 1.96 m
  • Cargo Capacity 410 t
  • Spud Legs 2 x 18m
  • Gross Tonnage 217
  • Deck Load (max) 4 t/m²