It is a swim-ended, rectangular, deck cargo barge. It has two spud 20m long legs for precise position holding, a shallow draft, suitable for working in close to shore and a large deck load capacity, for bulk cargoes such as rock or heavy plant. A wave screen is fitted for the security of cargo at sea, and heavy duty mats are available for deck protection.

Vessel Specification 

  • Length: 36.57 m
  • Beam (Hull): 10.08 m
  • Depth: 3.20 m
  • Draft (Light): 0.71 m
  • Draft (Loaded): 2.43 m
  • Cargo Capacity: 600 tonnes
  • Spud Legs: 2 x 20m x 660mm
  • Auxiliaries: 2 x 10t Hydraulic
  • Anchor winches
  • Gross Tonnage: 276