• Type C-7 Series Modular Self Elevating Platform
  • Classification Germanischer Lloyd  100 A5 K(20) Self Elevating Unit

Main Dimensions

  • Length 30.50m
  • Breadth 18.30m
  • Depth 2.13m
  • Deck Area 520m2
  • Max Leg Length 38.00m
  • Leg Diameter 1.22m

Jacking System

  • Jacking Speed 15m/hour
  • Jacking Stroke 0.69m

Operation Conditions

  • Max Deck Load / Point Load 400t / 15t/m2 (Subject to Free Leg Length)
  • Max Free Leg Length 31.50m
  • Max Crane Self Weight 300 tonne (Subject to Free Leg Length)

Standard Equipment

  •  Hydraulic Power Packs, Navigation Shapes and Lights, Bollards, Handrails.

Optional Equipment

  • Hydraulic Winches, Safety Boat, Knuckle Boom Crane, Access Walkways, Cantilever Platforms.