Workboat Hire lists one of the largest fleets of deck barges, offered for charter services on the market today. We also offer the flexibility our clients demand for booking a suitable barge for their marine construction and transport projects. Our all-inclusive fleet listings of ocean and inland barges include spud, power spud barges, deck barges, shale, and hopper barges as well.

Rent Cargo Barges Barges are utilized for transporting cargo from one place to another via waterway. They require a tug to tow them in any waterway, be it a lake, canal, river or ocean. These barges have a flat-bottom, so they can carry more cargo. Barge transportation brings along a multitude of benefits, that make it a substantial resource for all sorts of logistical needs. If you are considering renting a barge for your inland or sea transportation projects, here are the types of barges we can offer you –

Dry Bulk Cargo Barges

Some barges are designed with certain specificities, so they transport dry bulk cargo such as sand, building materials, and also food grains. Barges built to carry dry bulk cargo haul them from one shore to another, and sometimes through a series of barges.

Liquid Cargo Barges

Besides the barges that carry dry bulk cargo, there are some designed to transport liquid cargo, for example, fuels and chemicals. Barges to carry liquids have to meet certain requirements, however, since they are built with safety in mind, using them to transfer liquid materials has already been proven safer than using road or rail. Barges for liquid carriage also need through cleaning to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between materials.

Car-float Barges

Although not as common these were primarily used during the 20th century, car-float barges are still being used in transferring rail cars from one state or city to another through waterways. Car-float barges have built-in tracks, to enable easy loading of the rail cars. They are also used to transfer malfunctioning old rail cars for repair purposes or to move them to a location they could not reach by road.

Power Barges

These types of barges are in essence power plants, fitted to a deck. Power barges were initially engineered during World War II so as to help with power generation. While these are still used in today’s market, these barges have single or several engines, turbines, nuclear reactors or boilers.

Construction and Deck Barges

These barges are designed with specific facilities to move heavy equipment such as material handlers and many other construction tools. Deck or construction barges are also used while working on construction projects in a congested area that are located adjacent to water bodies (such as bridges, dams or coastal cities).

Because of their speed, size, and safety regulation, barges make a feasible transportation method. You can contact us at Workboat Hire by filling out a quick and simple form online or just browse our extensive barge listings by visiting

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