Survey vessels play a key role when it comes to carrying out a research at sea. Survey vessels help with comprehensive analysis and investigations of the oceanic area for multiple purposes. The structural and construction composition of these types of ships are greatly tailored in order to fit in the operational requirements. Survey vessels are generally built in a manner that suits the harshest environmental conditions they are likely to experience at sea.

A survey vessel is likely to be applied for myriad of causes and in many oceanic areas:

  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Seismic Surveys (carried out by Seismic Vessel)
  • Fisheries Research
  • Oceanographic Research
  • Oil Exploration
  • Polar Research
  • Naval/Defence Research

Diverse applications of survey vessels:

  • Survey vessels can be employed in remote areas, especially for polar region research purpose. Vessels addressing the analytical and scientific needs of these areas are well-thought-out constructed to enable them to make their way through the ice sheets and challenging weather conditions.
  • A survey vessel is likely to be involved in studying marine life-forms within diverse water zones. Survey vessels that are commonly utilized in such circumstances come equipped with the essential piscatorial tools required to support the process.
  • These vessels are utilised in the marine oil and gas excavation subdivision, thus as to provide better intelligence about the sub-water gas & crude reservoirs. These are employed to decide on the best suited region to locate the essential excavation installations.
  • As a mode to authenticate the maritime security of a state, survey vessels are used at the state level also, as it helps determine if there are any naval security weaknesses due to to topography.
  • Oceanology requires the extensive use of survey vessels. This type of research project requires analysis of tidal conditions and oceanic weather; investigating the seismologic trends and monitoring oceanic water trends of the marine geography.
  • These vessels are also used by the fishing sector to perform diverse research, for example water sampling, fish finding, etc.

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