Normally we should consider about three factors before hiring a suitable floating crane for a construction project. And if we talk briefly, these three things or factors are the height to reach, the weight to carry and the condition of the project site. The advancement of technologies has impacted the designs and performance of the cranes. Now we have different kinds of cranes for different purposes and the floating crane is one of these cranes.

Hiring a floating crane is a good idea if your construction site is on some island, on the beach or near the water. Most of the times floating cranes are gigantic in size and that’s the need for their design and objective for which they are going to perform. Well, let’s now discuss in detail the three factors we mentioned earlier so that you may have some good idea what type of floating crane you need to hire for your marine project.

floating crane

Reach of Project Height

Height to reach the construction site is the basic factor that you need to consider whether you are hiring a floating crane or any other kind of crane. Get a clear idea of the maximum height you will have to reach. Once you have a clear idea about the height, you can decide better which floating crane you need to hire for your project. The greater the height, the greater the size of the crane because you need a strong base to reach elevated heights.

Weight to Lift

The second factor that may impact your decision about a floating crane for hire is the weight that you have to lift during the construction project. Ask the project engineer about the maximum weight that you are going to lift. Any miscalculation in this step may lead to great risk and destruction. You might have seen videos of crane accidents, and definitely, you will never want to add another video to the list. So the better and safer idea is to know the exact value of maximum weight you have to lift to the height of the project. Normally the rule is: “higher the height to reach, lower the weight capacity of the floating crane”. So these two factors are normally enough to determine which type and size of floating crane barge you need to hire for your project.

Construction Site

The third factor which will help you in finalizing the decision about hiring a floating barge crane is “the condition of the construction site”. Every floating crane is not suitable for all construction sites. So you will have to take into account the terrain. Terrain conditions may impact your decision about hiring a floating crane barge. There must be a strong base for marine construction projects so you will have to consider the terrain carefully before selecting the floating crane for your project.

Once you have considered all these three factors, the decision about hiring a floating crane will be easier for you and believe me it will be a safer one too if you carefully considered these three factors.

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